The CaP1040256ttery at Gilead House Farm Leeds is a clean, spacious and stimulating environment for your cats holiday. Each housing has 6ft by 3ft of floor space and are 6ft high, with a ramp leading to a raised log cabin style sleeping area fitted with their own door, window and cat flap. Cats can relax on top of their cabins; a great place to enjoy watching wild birds flying around the 100 year old cottage style building the Cattery is situated in. Also, the housings are separated by a sneeze barrier.

All individual diets are catered for, and medicines can also be administered. Fresh and clean water is always accessible. The housings are cleaned daily, and using our years of experience we have refined our cleaning routines to ensure that they cause no stress for the cats staying in the Cattery. Additionally we only use pet friendly cleaning products.

P1040205Cats staying in our Cattery must be fully vaccinated, therefore we need to see their up to date vaccination certificates upon arrival.

Plastic thermostatically controlled heated beds are provided but we do not provide soft bedding; so we prefer  owners to bring the cats own bedding as this helps the cats to settle in by providing familiar scents of home.

As a cat owner, you will know they can be very emotional creatures! We here at Gilead House Farm Leeds have a wealth of experience in looking after cats of all different temperaments.  In other words – we give them as much attention and cuddles as they desire! So whatever sort of cat yours is; we’ll find the best possible way of caring for it in our relaxing, peaceful Cattery environment.

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