Converted from a 17th Century barn; the Boarding Kennel facilities at Gilead House Farm Leeds provide a safe, clean spacious environment for your dog’s boarding. Each of our modern Kennels has both spacious inside and outside sections which the dogs can roam between freely. The facilities include several different types of Kennels; therefore we can cater for multiple dogs from the same family and also dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes.

Our family take the time to get to know each dog on an individual basis; something we really pride ourselves on, and understand how to play to each dog’s strength. Shy & reserved, loud & barky, old & wise or just plain crazy we know how to get the best out of each animal.

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Exercise is extremely important for dogs, which is why we utilise our own farmland for their daily walks. Our experienced, professional handlers take the dogs out to enjoy the picturesque lush fields, unbeatable views of Leeds and even horse jumping paddocks; some dogs even like to have a go at the jumps themselves! Furthermore, our Kennels has a large exercise yard where your dogs c13669416_1221087481234949_2808418425092611674_oan have time to play & have fun securely off the lead.

Hygiene is at the fore of our daily routine; therefore each Kennel is disinfected every day using only pet friendly cleaning products, and we pride ourselves on providing a healthy, clean environment for the dogs.

Diets are catered for with the upmost attention; so we ensure that dogs are fed exactly as they are at home, as we know even the slightest change to their diet can lead to an upset stomach. All pricing includes food, and fresh water is always accessible.

Plastic thermostatically controlled heated beds are provided but we do not provide soft bedding; we prefer the owners to bring the dogs own bedding as this helps the dogs to settle in by providing familiar scents of home.

All dogs staying in our Kennels must be fully vaccinated; and we need to see their up-to-date vaccination certificate upon arrival.

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